Following the hiatus the show opens with a reminder to us and Nick that he and Jess have broken up. They decide to tell the roommates right away but are their plans quickly change when they go into the living and see a celebratory Winston, Coach and Schmidt because Winston got into the Police Academy. Not wanting to steal their thunder they decide to wait the day to tell them.

This leads to both of them lying to each other about being okay and confiding in CeCe and Coach when they both think the other is doing okay and not having a hard time the they are. Of course everything comes out when Jess has been drinking her sorrows away with some wine and Nick is high from Schmidt’s pills Coach stole for him.

Their final scene was really sweet, her in the living room watching Dirty Dancing, a tie back to the pilot, and him calling her on the phone from his room so they can discuss how sad they both are and then go on to Hungry Eyes together.

The other plot points are Winston getting into Police Academy which I’m picture will be like the Police Academy movie franchise on this show and his over the top desires of how he wants to celebrate which Nick and Jess work on making come true.

CeCe has also decided to get her GED and begins to be tutored by Schmidt but is interrupted by Jess and Schmidt is now locked in a separate room in CeCe’s apartment while they have the conversation about Nick. And since Schmidt doesn’t know what they are talking about becomes increasingly upset. However once he learns the truth from CeCe and Coach he gets over his anger fast and is just hurt, because he’s a child of divorce and they just sprang this news on him.

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This episode was about the boys…for the most part. There were a couple great scenes with the guys together talking about their woos…well Artie and Sam talking about their woos while Blaine is manipulative trying to fatten Kurt up.

The best moment of these scenes was of course Artie’s declaration that he has chlamydia and Sam proceeded to “Slut Shame” him. This was done literally, Sam pointed at Artie and yelled “Slut Shaming.”

So while Artie is having to much sex as new cool film school Artie, Sam is not having sex with Mercedes.

Artie’s story ends with him being a little too honest with the girl he really likes, Julia, and ends up creeping her out. In my opinion it was also the weird Artie and Mercedes duet on the pier, while Sam was listening intently and enjoying it, Julia not with a New Directions past looked really awkward and uncomfortable and like she wanted to get the hell out of there.

Meanwhile, Sam is ponder if he can survive as a 19 year old male dating an amazing girl who won’t sleep with him. (I didn’t want to drop the “L” word in here because I still think it’s a little premature for those two to be saying to each other, even though the writers clearly don’t agree with me), Once Sam does some thinking…I hope he didn’t hurt his brain too much he does he can, because he can live without sex but not without Mercedes.

This dilemma also gives us a little girl time in this episode, because Mercedes has two “girl time” conversations with Rachel. Thankfully her only two scenes this week and she is surprisingly helpful. The writers also decided to broach the topic of Rachel trying to put herself out there again, but seeing as they can’t even bring themselves to say Finn’s name I don’t see see her dating anyone anytime soon. Which we also know is the case based on Ryan Murphy’s interview that came out today.

I am glad Mercedes is staying true to herself. She is the character that is the most stable in my opinion and won’t stray from who she really is.

The most annoying part of the episode surprise surprise is Blaine. Anyone who reads my posts regularly will know I am not Blaine’s biggest fan, or even a fan. And tonight is a great example of why.

Since moving to New York, Blaine has become very indulgent in all the great food the city has to offer. This has resulted in him gaining some weight and even tearing his pants when he bent over. The most disgusting scene was him sitting there stuffing his face with cheese puffs and having the cheese powder all over his cloths and creepily staring at Kurt talking to his friends in combat class. During this scene Blaine also get a monologue where he goes from being proud of Kurt and his new found confidence but this monologue quickly progresses into Blaine admitting he is really jealous of Kurt and that Kurt is now the strong one in their relationship. Or to hearken back to something Kurt said when he was jealous of Blaine, Kurt is now the “alpha gay in the relationship”. 

Of course rather than admitting this to Kurt he tries to manipulate him into gaining weight too and then checking out some adult websites Kurt finds and still isn’t honest about him being insecure and just lets Kurt continue to be angry. This fight reaches it height during some actual fight scenes…well stage fight scenes in their combat class. Blaine keeps pushing Kurt trying to win, but Kurt is the one who ends up winning.

When Blaine finally confesses what he’s been feeling to Kurt he makes it seem like its Kurt’s fault for being successful in New York. Kurt reassures him he isn’t going anywhere, yada yada yada and everything is fine between them again.

My take on this is that the things Blaine said in his conversation with Elliott are still ringing true. And although Blaine moved out so he could find himself like Blaine has this isn’t happening yet, partly because Blaine is still in Kurt’s classes, if he was in freshman classes than he would be making friends of his own and developing at his own pace.

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Disney parallels in The Jolly Roger

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everyone’s worst fears are realized within the first five minutes of the episode as Mike is taken to the District Attorney’s Office. But everyone got to take a sigh of relief when they learned that it wasn’t for fraud but for conspiracy to bribe witnesses with Harold (oh Harold how I’ve missed you on my screen). He also wasn’t charged and they are mainly trying to get him to roll over on Harvey.

But soon after being realized both Mike and Harold are arrested.

Of course Mike would never do this but we were worried for a few seconds that Harold was going to roll over on Mike. He was doing pretty good but then just when he was about to break Harvey and Louis arrive with Harvey being Mike’s lawyer aka waiting for Louis who is Harold’s lawyer to keep Harold from cracking.

He does do this and they both are released that day. However they have both been impacted by. Harold was fired from his job, but I hope it isn’t the end of Harold on Suits and Mike realizes that every since Harvey hired him they have been crossing lines together that have caused them to closely fudge the line of legality. This was the opposite thing Harvey was intended when he gave that speech to Mike. But because of this Mike is now talking the investment banking job.

When Harvey asks Mike when his last day, Mike is unsure and then asks why? Harvey’s response is that he wants to take him out for dinner since he won’t be seeing him. The following was a nice touch by the writers as not only a reminder to Harvey but also a reminder to us the viewers, it won’t be the last time because Mike is now a client since he is working with Sidwell. Which also technically makes Mike one of Harvey’s employers. 

It will also be entertaining to see Harvey get jealous of Mike and Sidwell’s dynamic as well, which I hope we get to see flushed out more next season too.

I just love that the final conversation of this season ends with Harvey calling himself Superman since he’s now working alone and Mike corrects him saying “or Aquaman, because you’re in way over your head”. Best closing lines of a season!

It will be interesting to see how Rachel and Mike’s relationship develops next season. We saw in their opening scene Mike trying to explain to Rachel what being a lawyer means to him and her not really understanding when the risk is of doing it is prison should he ever get caught and how she has seen that increasingly weigh on him. So it will be interesting to see next season when she is now working towards becoming a lawyer, which is full support of, but just if this will cause any tension since that’s what he really wants to do but is now investment banking. 

I’m also interested to see who will have Rachel has their protege. It seems like the best and most logical fit would be Jessica but I do wonder if Harvey is going to try and woo her if he sees her as an extension of Mike and as a way to keep Mike around more. Because come on Mike can’t be the client every week and always be in the office for business.

I’m so over Scottie at this point that’s that is all I want to say about her.


It was Emma’s first birthday this week. I’m not really sure how that’s possible since we’re in season 3, but I’ll just chalk it up to ABC Family weird time continuum. 

This episode actually gave Riley some development that doesn’t revolve around her love life. Thanks old home movies Ben began watching of his first birthday, Danny then watched the one of his. In this home movie Riley spots her very pregnant aunt in the background. This is suspicious of course because her Aunt Margo doesn’t have any kids. Riley immediately leaves to call her aunt. However a few more seconds into the footage Danny then points out Riley’s not at all pregnant mom and explains to Tucker that it’s weird because Riley was born two weeks after his first birthday. Danny then shockingly puts two and two together rather quickly and wants to protect Riley from the truth.

He almost manages to do until Bonnie lets the cat out of the bag following Riley telling her she knows everything about her Aunt Margo having a baby. Of course Bonnie thinks she means she actually does know everything, not realizing the whole truth wasn’t the “everything” Riley knew.

Danny wants to make things right for Riley and encouraged her to talk to her aunt, who he happened to call and can apparently get to the ice cream parlor in less than 5 minutes. 

The other big plot of the episode was Ben was banned from the ice cream parlor he wanted to have Emma’s party because that’s where they had theirs. The only trouble is he banned for life after being caught sleeping with the boss’ daughter in the freezer and I do love the flashbacks to high school Ben, Riley and Danny. Ben goes trying to make things right, however this daughter also a son named Ben who is 6 years old and Ben was banned 6 years and 9 months ago.

Ben keeps trying to talk to Jenny but she doesn’t want to her him out but he confronts her again following his speech to Emma and her dad finally learns that it wasn’t that Ben wanted nothing to do with them it’s that Jenny never told Ben. 

Jenny then tells the truth as well, that Ben isn’t even the father it is the son of his old business partner, who to paraphrase the dad “is even worse than Ben”.



Times Square, Broadway at 45th St., New York City, 1958.

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