James Dean and Natalie Wood in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, 1955.

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TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1976, a revival of Guys and Dolls features a cast composed entirely of African-American actors, led by Robert Guillaume, Norma Donaldson, Ernestine Jackson and Ken Page. It will run 239 performances, and earn Tony nominations for Guillaume, Jackson and Most Innovative Production of a Revival.

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Finally Harvey! I’ve been waiting for Harvey to acknowledge his role in causing the current state of affairs between him and Mike. If he had only supported Mike when Mike brought him the polite take-over strategy he went to him with they would not be at war right now.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out since they are still against each other, even after that admission from Harvey but are now both facing this possible collusion threat.

Also, all of Rachel’s running around and trying to balance work and law school caught up to her and she was hospitalized for exhaustion, but only for one night. I was a little made at her at first when Mike suggested she ask Harvey a day off when she came back at him with “Did you ever need a day off” or some form of that, because as Mike later approaches her, Harvey did give him special treatment since he let him skip law school. It true! she can’t compare her needed a day off to Mike not needing one because Mike was just working while she is working and doing school.

I’m not too pleased with Logan sending her flowers and where that could be heading. I don’t think Rachel would do anything with Logan but I don’t like how those old feelings are making her have doubts about Mike.

I LOVED the Donna and Rachel plotline this week. I hope they keep having Donna pursue acting and give her more character development aside from being Donna, even though Donna is awesome. I want to see her do mare since she is so awesome…if that makes sense?

And having said that when she told Louis “I’m not a lawyer” I said to my TV “no, you’re Donna, so much better”.



A farmer embraces his dog in his stonewalled field on Inishmore Island in Ireland, March 1971.Photograph by Winfield Parks, National Geographic Creative

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This is such as cute movie. I the way they used the flashbacks to help tell the story in the beginning. James Corden was also the biggest scene stealer!

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That little tail wag kills me


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"She was the kind of hard-drinking, salty-talking dame that they don’t make anymore…"


That was such an intense episode! Everyone and everything was super serious and dramatic no bits of comic relief, except for shockingly a couple of Sam’s lines! Who knew that would happen?

In terms of the whole Andy/Oliver thing, my opinion from last week holds true, Andy still needs to take responsibility for her own actions of falsifying the reports and then talking to Duncan when Oliver told her not to, because of that I resented her anger toward him during the hour. I just feel really bad for Oliver, he was forced into taking this job he doesn’t want to protect her and until the last two minutes she was just made about everything. 

I do really like that seeing Oliver in this storyline has given us a chance to see him outside hi usual role of good friend and comic relief.

What did make me happy about tonight’s episode though was that by the end of it Dov was going to tell Oliver about Chris and his drug problem. I’m glad they didn’t drag Dov covering for him out any longer, especially like he said he knows where this road goes. I did appreciate Chris then saying he would tell Oliver himself and maybe Dov got through to him a little. 

I’m am disappointed that Dov missed him meeting with the person from the intelligence unit. I so badly want to see Dov progress in the workplace, I mean even Nick is no a point person for raids.

However, Dov wanting to be alone because of everything doesn’t bode to well for him and Chloe based on the promo for next week. Which makes me a little angry at Chloe. I know if isn’t exactly fair since we knew everything that is happening and she doesn’t but you think you would cut a guy a bit of slack when he stuck by you after finding out you have a secret husband. Or is that just me?

I could have done without the male Peck and Traci storyline, I’m so over Dex and he better not be coming after her with more custody lawsuits.

I could have also done without seeing Cameron from Degrassi to kill himself on Rookie Blue.